Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Ladder to God

This is a cartoon without the artwork.

Frame 1

There is a very tall ladder reaching all the way into and past the clouds. A man is a few feet up the ladder and another guy is holding the ladder so it won't fall.

Frame 2

A crowd begins to gather and they watch the man climb up higher and higher. A person in the crowd asks the guy holding the ladder, "What is He doing?" The guy answers, "He is trying to reach God."

Frame 3

Someone in the crowd shouts out to the guy holding the ladder, "Who are you?" The guy smiles and answers, "God."

We are often like the guy on the ladder working so hard, climbing higher and higher, thinking we are getting closer to God and that He is impressed by how fast we are pulling ourselves up. We look at others, lower on their own ladders, and are thankful that we are not that weak. It is only when we reach the point of exhaustion that we realize that our efforts have not gotten us closer to God but farther from Him and from others.

Maybe we just need to rest in Him in a horizontal relationship. Perhaps that is what Immanuel means, God is with us, God is with me!


  1. I love that! Can I use that with credit going to you?

  2. Use it however you wish. I am glad you enjoyed it.