Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It is Impossible To Love God Most.

Even proponents of grace occasionally remind us that
we are to Love God most of all. I probably have even said it myself. The problem is that it is not only impossible to love God with all our heart, soul and mind but to do so would make us useless human beings.

If we were to truly love God with ALL our heart, and All our soul and ALL our mind then we would not have one second or one thought of love for our wives, husbands, kids or families.

We quote Jesus as saying that loving God is the most important commandment. The problem is that Jesus was answering a question from a lawer about which law of Moses was the most important. In fact the lawyer was trying to incriminate Jesus.

Steve McVey discusses it here:

The answer to the dilemma of loving God is in the second part of the answer Jesus gave. We love God by loving others!

Loving God is not sending affectionate thoughts skyward, it is not standing in a church building looking at the back of someones head while singing words that rhyme. God is not your Valentine.

If you want to love God then love your spouses, your kids, your families and maybe even your ex's.

If I get real good at loving I might even be able to love religionists.

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