Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What we believe or what He believes?

A few weeks ago we were tent camping in an Oregon State Park in the Columbia River Gorge. The campground was full and a little boy about 3 years old was not doing a very good job of staying in his families campsite. Our site was about 3 spaces away and he was busy checking out our water faucet when his mother came up behind and scooped him up to take him back to their site. His immediate response was, "I am not your little baby anymore!" Meaning he was neither a baby or his mothers child. He was very ernest in his declaration.

Not in our wildest imagination would we believe that his mother took this pronouncement seriously, she was not only not angry at his rebellious remark but actually chuckled at the cuteness of it (so did we).

If this average earthly mother could deal with this utmost rejection of her love and caring how much more patience, love and forgivness do you think our heavenly Father has for us.

When we say, with our little feet stomping and fists shaking, "I don't believe in you!" He responds with, "Thats ok I still believe in you."

When we withhold our love and loyalty to Him he sends us even more demonstrations of His love for us through the giggle of a grandchild or the hug of a friend. Where there is love, He is there.

When we try to run off and distance ourselves from Him we find there is no where that He is not.
No where.

Whether we are 3, or 30 or 60 we are all still His children. We might think our little acts of rejection are significant, He probably thinks they are cute.

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