Friday, March 6, 2009

Does God want me to grow a beard?

Is our standing before God really dependent on what many people think is important?

Some questions for God

Does God want me to grow a beard?

Do I need to wear a hat?
Can I eat a dirty rat?

Do I need to grow a long beard?
Do You have a need to be feared?

Do I have to be a prude
Or can I sun bathe in the nude?

Can I cut my long hair
Or will that block my prayer?

Can I curl my nice tresses
What about very short dresses?

Does it matter what I wear
Or if when mad I start to swear?

Do I have to bend and bow,
Can I kill a holy cow?

May I eat a tasty fig
And how about a big fat pig?

On the Sabbath I need my rest,
Will that mean that I'm not blessed?

Does it matter if I chew or spit?
Does that matter, even a whit?

Can I drink a couple of beers?
Will that bring You to tears?

Which church is right, which church is wrong?
Do I sign my name and then belong?

Does what I do or what I say,
Change Your mind and make You sway?

Will You love me if I cheat,
Does it matter what I eat?

Is love just for Adam and Eve or
Is there no room for John and Steve?

Is Your love unconditional or
Are there rules and terms additional?

If You made rules that we can't obey,
Then why is it that we must pay?

Did Jesus come to find lost fools,
Or just to make some harder rules?

Is their really only one "rule"
To love others like You do?

I think You knew that we would fail,
That we are weak and very frail.

If Jesus died for me while I sinned
Why do others in hell do end?

Do You love everyone or only some,
Are the rest of us just merely scum?

Did You plan from before the start
To make us Yours and never part?

It is all about what I decide
Or about the One who died?

Religion tells us to search and work
Then we will earn the really big perk.

Or is it more about knowing whats true
That loving us is what You do?

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