Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Othodoxy of Sheep

Orthodoxy comes from the Greek word orthodoxos and means "to have the right opinion". Sheep orthodoxy is simple; stay together, don't wander off, do what we do.

Often times our Christian brothers and sisters are kind of like a flock of sheep on a large green pasture, they see themselves as safe in the pasture and anyone not huddled in their tightly packed flock could be in potential danger. In fact anyone who wanders a bit from the flock causes some deep in the flock to start baa'ing about them getting too far away, close to being "outside", close to danger. They think it is their job to guide the flock, when in fact, that responsibility belongs to the Shepherd.

They also don't see that the pasture is so large there are other flocks that they don't even see who are sharing the same pasture, under the watchful eye of the same Shepherd.

When they huddle in fear, afraid to move, to explore their freedom in the immense pasture, they start eating grass that is fouled in their own waste.

It is when they come to understand that the Shepherd is always with them, no matter where they go, they can enjoy the fellowship of other flocks and maybe even share some grass with the goats.

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