Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jesus in church?

If Jesus were to physically walk into many so called evangelical churches today He most likely would not qualify for a "leadership" position. What "church" would hire a homeless man lacking any sort of educational degree? Most "churches" would not even welcome those who would show up with Him, hookers, thieves and the like.

Personally I think His observations of most Sunday morning groups might be:

"This is nice, but not exactly what I had in mind."
"Why is everyone seated looking at the backs of heads?"
"How come only one or two people are talking?"
"Does that guy really talk at you every week, month after month, year after year?"
"Stand up, sit down, bow your head, clap, and stand up again. Whats that all about?"
"When do we eat?"
"Why is everyone acting religious?"
"What does a guy got to do to get a hug here?"

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