Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Religous Hogwash

The Christian "religion" is based on the foundation that humans are born in "total depravity" and that by denying that nature over a lifetime one can become holy and acceptable to God. It proffers by uttering certain words, adopting particular postures, by behaving in prescribed manners that a degree of moral superiority can be gained. Those who outwardly attain this level of "holiness" are seen to be in Gods favor and those who do not are or will be objects of His wrath and judgement. Holiness is something gained via self improvement, effort and spiritual focus.

That is all a bunch of religious hogwash.

Christianity is Christ. Jesus created us, sustains us and it is His presence within that makes us whole. He is much more concerned about our wholiness then what most define as "holiness". In Him we are perfect. All we need to do is acknowledge His great love and rest in Him.

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