Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Problem of Evil

The problem of the presence of evil, disaster, suffering and death in the world is a stumbling block for many who seek to know Him. We ask, "where are you, why do you let these things happen?" Some will give you the answer that while God doesn't cause them to happen; He just allows them to happen. Others will tell you that most of the
evil is due to mans "free will", i.e. we choose to do evil things to each other. Some have taught that God created this world, wound it up like a clock and someday in the future He will straighten the whole mess out. I don't think any of those answers surfice.

Like someone said on the news this week, the answer is above my pay grade.

But for me it is not a stumbling block. My personal suffering has not been His cause, but He has been there to comfort me, if I acknowledge His presence either directly or through those He has sent to love me. I know He is always in me, no matter what I do or don't do and no matter where I go or don't go. He is there always, asking me to be His expression of love to a hurting world. I fail often in my conduit role for Him to "fix" things, but less
often then I used to as I become more aware of His constant indwelling and love for all of His children. Every day I can learn more of how to be less me and more Him because of the reality of His love. I think that is what He asks us to do, be Him as us.

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